• 2018 Annual Report


    This photo is of Jany "Calla" Fong, a graduate of Gamma Chapter at Georgia State University.

    Photo credit: Julieann Tran

  • A Letter from the Executive Director

    Dear Friends,


    The cover photo for this year's Annual Report exemplifies the spirit of the sisters of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. With great dedication and discipline, our sisters can accomplish anything.


    With tuition and the associated costs of college increasing annually, there is a greater need for financial aid. Our sisters in need are first-generation college students, working full-time to pay for school, or even helping support their families financially.


    In 2018, we were able to serve our sisters at the maximum level. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we raised the most revenue ever in our organization’s history. In turn, we increased our scholarship awards to the highest amount they have ever been.


    2018 by the Numbers

    • Raised over $14,000 in revenue, with ~$6,000 in reserves for 2019
    • Awarded close to $5,000 in scholarships to seven sisters

    With your support, we can continue to make progress in the next year. By promoting a culture of scholarship, gratitude, and sisterhood, we can take the Delta Phi Lambda Foundation to new heights and better serve our sisters in need.


    With gratitude,

    Lillie Madali

  • Scholarship Recipients

    Central Fraternal Leadership Conference

    (AFLV Central) Scholarship


    Over 2,800 campus administrators, national organizations, and students convened in Indianapolis, IN, for the AFLV Central Conference. This conference is comprised of the Central Fraternal Leadership Conference, the National Black Greek Leadership Conference, alongside hosting the Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.’s Midyear Leadership Conference. Since 2011, the Delta Phi Lambda Foundation has sponsored scholarships to pay for sisters to attend the conference.


    Of the many applications received, the Foundation awarded five scholarships. Two scholarships were made possible thanks to a donor-advised grant created by the alumnae sisters of Zeta Chapter at the Georgia Institute of Technology. These two scholarships were awarded to Zeta Chapter sisters Anita Duong and Min Hsuan (May) Lin. Three scholarships were made possible thanks to a successful Giving Tuesday campaign. These three scholarships were awarded to Martina Pineda from Beta Chapter at University of Cincinnati, Mengmo Zhou from University of Iowa, and Tammy Lu from Gamma Chapter at the Georgia State University.

    Martina Pineda

    Beta Chapter at University of Cincinnati

    Mengmo Zhou

    University of Iowa

    Tammy Lu

    Gamma Chapter at the Georgia State University

    Anita Duong

    Zeta Chapter at the Georgia Institute of Technology

    May Lin

    Zeta Chapter at the Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Academic Excellence Scholarship

    & The Hannah Seoh Alumnae Scholarship

    Delta Phi Lambda Foundation awarded its highest-funded scholarships during the 2018 national convention last August in Athens, GA. The scholarship recipients were evaluated and selected by a volunteer panel of alumnae sisters. These scholarships were made possible by donations received. Last year each scholarship was in the amount of $750 each. Thanks to the generosity of our donors this year, they were able to increase each scholarship amount to $1,000.

    Ngoc “NOVAYLA” Nguyen

    2018 Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipient

    The Academic Excellence Scholarship can help collegiate sisters offset costs associated with academics including, tuition, books, and study abroad. The recipient of the academic excellence scholarship has achieved academic excellence, performed community service, and served in several leadership positions.


    The recipient of the Academic Excellence Scholarship is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences with a 4.0 GPA and is expected to graduate in 2021. She is a member of the University Honors Program, which consists of the top 5% students at the University of Cincinnati. Her honors and awards include Choose Ohio First Scholar, Darwin T. Turner Scholar, and Dean’s List. She has volunteered as a Bearcat Buddies Tutor and a Summer Adventure Program Assistant and has served in other leadership roles with the National Honor Society and Friends Against Bullying. At her chapter, she has served as Academic Chair. With this scholarship, she hopes it will help accomplish her goal of presenting her research at scientific conferences and contribute meaningful findings to the scientific community. This sister, though very early in her collegiate years, has demonstrated academic excellence and great leadership skills. She crossed in Spring 2018 from Beta Chapter-University of Cincinnati. This year’s 2018 Academic Excellence Scholarship recipient is Ngoc “NOVAYLA” Nguyen.

    Dina “raVen” Puthenpurakal

    2018 The Hannah Seoh Alumnae Scholarship Recipient

    The Hannah Seoh Alumnae Scholarship can help graduate students and young professionals conduct research, study abroad, or pay for professional conferences. The recipient of the alumnae scholarship has demonstrated strong leadership, and a desire to effect positive change in their communities.


    This year’s recipient of the Hannah Seoh Alumnae Scholarship graduated from undergrad in 2017 with a B.S. in Health Systems Management. While in undergrad, she served as Cultural Chair, Academic Chair, Recruitment Chair, Philanthropy Chair, and Fundraising Chair. She graduated this year with her MBA with a GPA of 3.93 and is currently a PhD student at Benedictine University. Mentoring has always had a special place in her heart and shows in her experience with First Year Companion, Family Matters, and Link Crew. She has also started a mentorship program at her church. Additionally, her experience as a Wellness Advocate, resident hall Finance Coordinator, and MGC Membership Development Chair to name a few, demonstrates her extensive leadership skills. With this scholarship, she hopes to attend two conferences this year that are a requirement for her PhD program. Her long-term goals include teaching at the collegiate level because she believes power lies in education. This sister believes a leader is someone who listens, is open-minded and empowers those around them, and she currently serves as the Delta Phi Lambda Director of Collegiate Programming for National Headquarters. She crossed in Spring 2016 at Kappa Chapter-Loyola University Chicago. The 2018 Hannah Seoh Alumnae Scholarship recipient is Dina “raVen” Puthenpurakal.

  • Financial Statements

  • Volunteer Recognition

    The Foundation would like to thank all volunteers who served on the review committee and the fundraising committee this year:


    Erica Alexander

    Stephanie Gan

    Michelle Gee

    Jany Fong

    Sarah Han

    Christine Ho
    Kathryn Ho

    Hannah Hubbard

    Jessica Kouch

    Shuang Li

    Amanda Luong

    Emily Luong

    Jemi Puno

    May Ramos

    Shehani Ranadewa

    Houa Vang

    Joe Vugteveen

    Tiffany Yi


    Without your support, it would not be possible to award the most deserving sisters scholarships to help them achieve their academic and professional goals. We appreciate your time and giving back to the sisterhood.

  • Donor Recognition

    “Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.”
    ― Roy T. Bennett

    We are truly thankful for our donors who continue to be the light for our sisters' candles on their academic journey. Thanks to you, the Foundation was able to award two outstanding women scholarships for academic excellence and professional development. We were also able to award another five amazing women scholarships to attend AFLV Central.

    Thank you for making the Foundation's mission possible through your generosity.


    Donations of $500 or more

    Joseph Vugteveen
    Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.
    Hannah Seoh


    Donations of $250 or more

    Lillie Madali
    Jimmy Shi


    Donations of $150 or more

    Whitney Newton
    Wilma Miranda
    Nyla Lieu
    Ann Nguyen
    Alison Kao


    Donations less than $150

    Sydney Kronrad
    Elizabeth Thai
    Allan Jaochico
    Huong Van
    Justina Ho
    Karen Chang
    Lee Seoh
    Ravy Khmer
    Amanda Luong
    Jennifer Albesa
    Kristine Wesner
    Uyen Ha
    Stephenie Lai
    Maiquynh Ngo
    May Ramos
    Francis Canlas
    Jennifer Le
    Judy yi
    Shelley Sutherland
    Diana Chanthaboury
    Sarah Han
    Serena Chen
    Anh Nguyen
    Dominique Parker
    Hao Duong
    Lyna Cao
    Omari Brown
    Ranny Long
    Ailien Vuong
    Amy Cao
    Andrea King
    Congyi Gao
    Emily Luong
    Eugene Chun
    Janae Bruce
    Jie Hao
    Karen Nguyen
    Pamela Pedersen
    Ramsha Khan
    Stella Kim
    Victoria Huynh
    Yen Tran
    Yujia Lin
    Jaleesa Reed
    Analee Canlas
    Dayne Putnam
    Michael Sul
    Sonia Ohashi
    Carrie bates-marks
    Karla tuten
    Kimberly Lai
    Aila Jiang
    Donna Chong
    Emily Margaret Marin
    Jackie Luong
    Jade Rattanaxay
    Julie Luong
    Tammy Lu
    Vivian Ching
    Vivian Truong
    Diana Bui
    Crystal Phommasathit
    Glen Tran
    Hanna Seo
    Jasmine Au
    Jemi Puno
    Jen Le
    Jessica Respus
    Jyoti rao
    Zarqa malik
    Charles Minh Nguyen
    Samantha Ann
    Linda Van
    AMendi Wilkins
    Gregorios Dimitropoulos
    Israel lockwood
    Jon Norman
    Kai Nemoto
    Wanda Figueroa
    Erica Alexander
    Jackie Albesa
    Joshua Garza Garza
    Jsanelle Wright
    Melissa Olarte
    Nate Avish
    Jennifer La

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